Natural Solutions For Sensitive Skin

Our mission is to improve skin health and to offer solutions to people with sensitive or problem skin.

We are science led and our research chemist has written over 32 patents and has vast experience in developing science based innovative products. We use natural components wherever possible and avoid the use of complex and skin irritating chemicals

Proven, Effective Solutions

Our products have a proven track record, our unique blend of natural ingredients treat the problem.

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  • Salicin Therapeutic Itch Relief Cream is some sort of miracle, within 5 minutes of application the itching stopped, unbelievable relief.
  • I was suffering from prickly heat after returning from an overseas holiday and showed Keith and he suggested trying a sample of the shampoo. At the time the rash was angry looking and red but by a couple of days later after using the shampoo morning and night it had virtually disappeared. I was amazed and so pleased as I didn’t have to cover it up! I’ll definitely be packing it in my suitcase for my next holiday.
    Zoe Turner
  • For over 50 years I have been troubled with Psoriasis. Over the years I have used many products in an effort to ease the symptoms, I am delighted to say that Salicin shampoo has been extremely effective, after only three weeks the results have been nothing short of tremendous, my hair, scalp and skin feel better than they have for years and I unhesitatingly recommend this product to fellow sufferers.
    Derek Collen
  • Within 3 weeks of using Salicin the irritation has almost gone. The red blotchy marks are no longer there and have changed to a nice white finally. I thank Salicin for finally making me have the confidence to take my t-shirt of in public and catch a sun tan.
    Mathew Allcock
  • First and foremost, I must give you my heartfelt thanks for developing the new Salicin Shampoo. I'm now 65 years of age and I've suffered from severe skin irritation since I was about three. It's always been a challenge finding reliable medication and toiletries which don't affect the condition in a negative way.
    Sid Jones

Here at Salicin Healthcare we offer a collection of sensitive skin products that tackle certain irritations including itching, inflammation, dryness, redness and all-round skin hypersensitivities. Using a combination of natural and historically proven raw ingredients we produce luxurious thereputic products offering relief to thousands of people with both sensitive and irritated skin.

Understanding the implications of living with such conditions our sensitive skin products have been created and developed directly in-line with customer needs. Having recognised the frustrations so many people are living with, we wanted to provide something that offers the maximum benefits. As an example, our Therapeutic Shampoo is a gentle alternative suitable for use on a daily basis and as a part of a regular hair care routine. Working closely on getting rid of dandruff this sensitive skin shampoo and soothing irritation quickly.

Our products are made from completely natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. In addition they do not contain the hazardous coal tar or coal tar extract.